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Зеркало полируя шарик нержавеющей стали скульптуры

Описание продукта

Зеркало полировка нержавеющей стальной шарик скульптура \Н \Н \Н Vincentaa скульптуры ко. ЛТД.\N полное завода и выполненное на заказ обслуживание\п 30-летнюю гарантию качества !\н \п

Mirror polishing stainless steel ball sculpture

Item No.


Size D100"(other sizes can also be customized)
Material   #316 #304 Stainless steel
Surface finishing   Mirrow polishing
Mold Cost   Free, we already have clay mold for this sizes, which will save you about 25%
  We can deliver this stainless steel ball directly to you home or any destination you ask safely.
Insurance   Insurance will be bought by us
Prices   If you are interested, welcome to contact us for more ninformation - price, freight ... ...

  We can customize this sculpture in any size according to your requests

  If you need, we can deliver this sculpture directly to your home

  Do not worry about our quality, all statues from Vincentaa has 30-year quality guarantee

\Н \Н проект шоу\Н \Н \Н ниже приведены наши создали скульптуры, какие из них Вас интересуют, не стесняйтесь обращаться к нам за размеры, цены, вес... ...\н \Н \Н \Н \Н \Н \Н \п \п \п \п \п \п Упаковка Показать\н \Н \Н О Vincentaa

Vincentaa, as one of the largest and prestigious stainless steel factories in China, has been producing fine art steel sculpture with its experienced team for over 20 years. Being expert in all aspects of sculpture forging , we can offer you high quality sculptures of any sizes embodying our same and stable skills, techniques and attention to ensure the quality finish you need. We have developed full and careful and wide range of personal services to guarantee your satisfaction, which covers mold making, blacksmithing , electroplating etc, and the final delivery and installation plus 30-year quality guarantee.  

Our website: 

\п \п
 1    Question: hat information should I give you after I decide to place this order? 
   Answer: Before you place this order, you have to confirm the design, size and patina you want.
 2   Question: What is your company's terms of payment?


     A) Our terms of payment: 30% advance payemnt by T/T; the balance should be paid also by T/Tafter your inspection and before shipment.
     B) Common-used way of payment is Telegraph Transfer (T/T), it is very convinent and easy. Of course if you think it is not safe for you, we also accept Alibaba Payment -Escrow and Paypal

 3  Question: I know nothing about the import, can you help me? 
 Answer:This will not be a problem. If you do not know how to import, our cooperated freight forwarder will help you to import. You only have to pay a small money to them and they will take care of everything. It is very easy and simple.
Question: What if I do not like the clay mold or sculpture you made, can I get my money back?
  Answer:No problem, if you do not like the sculpture we make for you, we will pay your money back within 7 days.
 5 Question: What should I do if I find some damages on sculpture when I open its packing?

Answer: When you unpack the sculpture, please take photos step by step. After finishing unpacking, if you find damages, please take photosof the damage parts also. Then send both the photos of unpacking and damage parts to us at once. We will figure out the reason and give you several solutions for the damages. (The common-used solution is that we make a new sculpture and transport to you freely. )
\п \п \п \п

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