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Высокое качество жизнь Размер бронзовая собака скульптура

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Размер высокое качество жизни бронзовая скульптура собаки информация о продукте животного




96% Silicon Bronze; 62% Brass ( International Standard Material)


Life Size

( Custom Size is available.)


About 50-1000kg

Wall Thickness



Lost Wax Casting; Plaster Casting


1 Piece

Terms of Payment

T/T, Trade Assurance, Paypal, Western Union


Strong Wood Case; Iron Crate

Leading Time

25 Days for Casting & 20-30 Days for Trasport




To protect our copyrights, there are so many popular designs we can not display here, welcome to contact us for full catalog !

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1 Question: Are you a factory or trading company?
Answer: We are a bronze sculpture foundry (factory), we make clay mold and bronze casting all in our own factory. Our customers are always welcomed to visit us for communicating and inspection
2 Question: How much is your price?
Answer: Our price is decided by the design, size and quality level, contact us the first time, our sales team will provide you with professional quotation sheet, where you will find all related information you need.
3 Question: How long it will take for production and delivery?
Answer: Usullay 30-45 days for production and 15-30 days for delivery. 
4 Question: Can you deliver my sculpture to my home or my project?
Answer: We supply door-to-door delivery to most of countries around the world. Please contact us to confirm how many days and how much it may take.
5 Question: Is your transportation safe?
Answer: There are ways for us to protect your sculpture 1) very strong and professional shipping packaging  2) Full insurance.
6 Question: Do you supply custom-made service?
Answer: our custom-made service range includes design, size and surface color.
7 Question: What if I do not like your quality and are not satisfied with some details, can I cancel this order?
Answer: If our clay mold and bronze sculpture can not meet your requests after several times adjustment, we promise that we will pay you full advanced payment within 3 working day,
8 Question: How should I place the order?
Answer: There are two easy ways for your to place order. Trade Assurance or directly pay to us. Anyway, please contact us at first. Our sales team will help you to choose the most convinent for you.
9 Question: What is your guarantee?
Answer: Vincentaa is a responsible brand and the customers' 100% satisfaction is our most important target. So, we give 30-year-quality guarantee and money-back guarantee. Also if you place order on alibaba by Trade Assurance, alibaba will protect your interests too. Welcome to contact us for details the first time.
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